Corporate Communications and Brand

Platforms to shape opinions and media narratives, position brands, engage stakeholders and bring leaders to you.

  • Corporate Brand Strategy
  • Brand Positioning and Brand Elevation
  • Corporate Brand Management advisory & support
  • Qualitative and quantitative research

Leveraging the integrative science of branding, and grounded in societal, business and stakeholder relevancy.

FCI Brand Engine

The FGI Brand Engine™ is FGI’s proprietary process to identify and leverage the brand drivers of any organization, providing a 360° line-of site between the attributes of your brand and the awareness, attitudes and values of the stakeholders that matter to your organization. 

Through a structured collaboration, Forstner Group Inc. and Delphi Polling have deployed the FGI Brand Engine™ to help organizations leverage brand equity with precision, and to help optimize ROI on social media and brand investment.

Change Management Communications

For organizations embarking on significant change, communications can make or break.

How organizations manage change today often shapes their futures.

FGI leads and supports communications aspects of successful corporate change.

  • Positioning the change imperative and business rationale
  • Assessing change readiness
  • Engaging employees
  • Communicating change

Capital Markets Communication

Insolvencies, Restructurings and Turnarounds

FGI works with legal counsel, corporate teams, CRO’s, advisors to management, and corporate communications leaders, often as part of the planning process for application for protection under CCAA, and throughout the CCAA and restructuring process.

We also work with creditors, investors, and stakeholders with an interest in restructuring alternatives.

Turnarounds, change and transformation are communications-intensive processes: FGI has been involved in significant turnaround processes, advising and supporting management and corporate communications leaders in all aspects of transitional and transformational communication.

M&A, asset transactions, and special situations

FGI brings extensive deal experience as advisors to management.

  • Expert in communications, stakeholder and government aspects of transactions
  • Experienced working with advisors, legal counsel, boards and management as part of transaction team
  • Multi-sector industry experience

Litigation support

Litigation may put pressure on your business, brand and corporate reputation. 

FGI advisors support management and legal counsel in communications considerations of litigation and class actions.

Family Office Services

Family offices are the fastest-growing investment vehicle in the world today.

FGI advisors help manage communications aspects of higher-profile business activities, telling the positive stories behind impactful investments in operating businesses and in the community.

  • FGI provides dedicated and confidential public relations, brand management, communications, government and stakeholder relations services and counsel to Family Offices, and experienced advisors with high “EQ” in dealing with family matters.
  • We leverage extensive combined private equity & capital markets experience as well as philanthropic brand management & brand positioning expertise.

Capital Projects & P3’s

One of FGI’s differentiating strengths is our ability to engage with stakeholders, influencers and decision-makers at all levels, often in a very granular way, seamlessly, on behalf of our clients, to get things done.

  • Diverse experience supporting major capital projects
  • Supporting our clients from siting to community consultation, benefit agreements and related matters.
  • Consortia assembly, support.
  • Communications, stakeholder relations and GR support.
  • Working with investment and development consortia, government and non-government stakeholders.

Government Relations

Municipal, Provincial and Federal Government Relations in Canada spanning diverse regulatory, program and policy matters.

  • FGI helps organizations define and develop their GR brands, and enhance GR effectiveness with insight, planning, effective engagement and insertion in the policy process, and related stakeholder strategies

Management Advisory for Communications and Public Affairs Leaders and Executives

When Experience Matters.

FGI provides peer-to-peer management advisory and support for Communications and Public Affairs leaders.

From providing a confidential and collegial sounding board, to rolling up our sleeves to help you manage your highest-stakes leadership tests, “experience tells”.

The Communications Role has Never Been so Complex, or so Important.

We understand your high-stakes world.